New Improved

Innovated with improved anti-bark chips which will be more Humane, effective. The stimulation increases with each level until the barking stops for 30 seconds, then the collar will stop working for 1 minutes.

Get Results Quickly

Due to its tremendous effectiveness and success rate in supporting and aiding the training of pets, the Anti-Bark Collar is widely accepted and suggested by many dog trainers this training kit as their first choice when asked about by their peers.

Fits Most Breeds

Fits nearly any breed from Beagles to Dobermans. For guarantee the safety and comfort of your pet, recommended the collar for dogs ranging from 15-120 lbs and includes both long and short electrodes to use with short- and long-haired pets.

Simple To Use 

Start to use the Anti Bark Collar to train your dogs as soon as it arrives. Simply insert the replaceable battery into the lightweight receiver and then simply slip the Anti-Bark collar around your dog’s neck and the device is ready for use.

100% Guarantee

To ensure that you receive a superior dog control collar at an affordable price that delivers best results ever, we’re offering you our 7 levels sensitive adjustable collar with no question money back guarantee!


Make sure you insert the battery correctly. If the product is not used, it is important to remove the battery, so the battery life will be longer.


1. Place and hold the tester on to the electrodes of the device

2. Forcefully blow air on the electrodes to activate a beep​

3. A couple of seconds later the bulb should briefly light up indicating the device is working


Strap the collar somewhat tightly around your dogs neck and you are set to go.